Deepak Chona


I’m Deepak Chona, MD, a final-year orthopedic surgery resident physician at Stanford University. Hearing about Dr. James Andrews – a living legend in sports medicine – performing career-saving surgery on Drew Brees’s shoulder drew me to orthopedics. Motivated by the story, I started to pursue orthopedic sports medicine with the goal of helping people return to sports, activity, and generally healthy lifestyles. I obtained an MD from University of Pennsylvania in 2017, and have been training in orthopedic surgery at Stanford since, with the plan to complete residency in June 2022 and pursue sub-specialization in sports medicine at Harvard-Boston Children's Hospital starting August 2022.


These posts represent the application of my training to my hobbies. The injuries, athletes, predicting outcomes and prognoses – I love it.


My goal is to deliver data-driven injury analysis, just as I would for a patient asking about his/her prognosis. All information sources used are publicly available, I am not involved in the medical care of any of the athletes discussed, and this does not constitute medical advice. The views shared are purely my own, and are not those of any institution I am affiliated with. The information that gets shared publicly is in some cases a limiting factor for this type of analysis, and it is an imperfect science to apply statistics to individual cases. Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy our content.