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What are Some Difficulties Athletics' People Go Through

Sport is any form of athletic activities that uses skills and physical power, sports contribute to;

  • Physical fitness

  • Metal health

  • Entertainment and fun purposes

  • Source of income

3 major forms of sports

  • Individual sports. Involve a single person; Gymnastics, rowing

  • Partnership sports. Two people are involved; chess, table tennis, and martial arts

  • Team sports. More than two people are involved; football, basketball

In any form of sport, the ATHLETES will experience a challenge at the beginning and throughout the journey in the world of sports.

Some challenges are;


Injuries mostly will occur during exercise or while participating in a sport. Other types of injuries will occur due to mental issues. Young athletes are at a high risk of these types of injuries but also are adults.

Injuries will occur due to

  • Lack of regular practices and being active

  • Not warming up or poor warming before exercise

  • The sport involves contact


The sad reality is that their two sides in any competition, one is the winner and the other side is a loser. Losing causes mental injury most of the time, but it can be a great motivator to oneself or the term. If an individual can master how to react in a loss situation it will lead to success in the world of sports.

Time management

Do you use all of your time in practice and forget other important aspects of your life? Truth be told there is only so much time we can devote to practice.

Time is paramount to success. One has to have time management skills, how well do you do the practices and at the same time how first do you consider, if you should be doing the practices at all!

Same time management tips.

  • Use a calendar to plan your activates

  • Complete tasks in order

  • Study in advance

  • Avoid too many responsibilities

  • Have enough sleep and rest

Family responsibilities

Statistics show that many professional athletes have to be away from home for 200 – 280 days each year. This also means making huge sacrifices. Families feeling undervalued and underappreciated


A sport is not the only thing that you need to focus on. Sport is not a lifetime career; one has to create a better plan that stretches beyond the sports career.

Relationship with the team and coaches

For any health relationship trust, respect and mutual understanding are paramount. And like any friendship or a romantic relationship, each party has to play a part in its growth, keeping its bond stronger and lasting. With a strong bond being created the athlete's performance will certainly be positively affected. The team relationship and the coaches is a huge determinant in its performance. Coaches are the main caregivers of the parents to a team’s athletes.

Tips to a better and stronger relationship are by;

  • Trust

  • Effective and constant communication


A motivated athlete will run an extra mile and a better performance, and an extra effort should be rewarded. Motivation will to a more drive and determined athlete in his/ her daily life

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