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SportsMedAnalytics uses medical evidence to help project the injury risks and recovery times for different athletes. SportsMedAnalytics was created by Deepak Chona, an orthopedic surgery resident physician. Chona received a MD from the University of Pennsylvania and is now studying at Stanford University. Chona is committed to helping athletes recover so that they can reach their potential. Chona uses evidence based analysis to predict the outcomes for injured athletes.


Chona has a podcast where he breaks down the most significant injuries in the world of sports. The podcast is available on Apple, Google, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

SportsMedAnalytics Analyzes NFL Injuries

Odell Beckham Jr

Cleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr suffered a sports hernia. Research shows that football players who suffer a sports hernia have a recovery rate of over 80%. On average, players recover in a few months. Beckham tried to play through the injury last year, which caused a drop in performance. However, by giving the injury a chance to heal, Beckham should return to his career averages this season.

Dalvin Cook

Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook has suffered several severe injuries during his relatively short NFL career. Cook has torn his ACL and undergone surgery on his right shoulder. Recently, Cook strained his hamstring and suffered damage to his sternoclavicular joint. Cook is fully healthy now, and should enjoy a great season. However, there are questions about his long term career due to the wear and tear on his body.

AJ Green

Cincinnati Bengals WR AJ Green had left ankle ligament surgery that caused him to miss the entire season. When someone is coming back from such a serious injury, there are always questions as to whether an athlete can regain their level prior to the injury. In Green’s case, prior to the severe ankle sprain, he also missed games due to a right toe injury and a torn hamstring. It may take Green a few games to get back to full strength.

Alvin Kamara

Speed is a big part of New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara’s game, which is why his injury history raises questions about the long term status of his career. Last season, Kamara missed a couple of games, as he dealt with high ankle and knee sprains. A few years ago, he tore the meniscus in his left knee. While Kamara has full healed, one more knee injury could be devastating to his career long term.

SportsMedAnalytics Analyzes NBA Injuries

Kevin Durant

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant suffered a serious tear of his Achilles last year. Durant will lose some calf strength as he starts rehabbing the injury. While that may impact some parts of his game, Durant should remain a good player because of his shooting ability.

Ben Simmons

Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons recovered nicely from his Jones fracture a few years ago. However, last season Simmons dealt with a nerve issue in his lower back, which caused him to miss games. While very painful, research shows that there should be no long term effects on Simmons career once the injury heals.

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