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Analysing Sports-related Injuries

As sports players continue to get injured in every sport, but more often in some than others, medical professionals continue to analyze how to both prevent and treat the various injuries to prevent a recurrence.

According to the National Library of Medicine, the highest incidence ratio of sports-related traumas occurs in popular sports like soccer, skiing, handball, tennis, and volleyball.

Medical researchers determined the injury levels after 25 years of sports injury analysis of more than 30 thousand injured male and female sports players. Seventy-five percent of the injuries occurred in males.

Over the years, many Orthopedic doctors have been undertaking their own in-depth sports injury analysis to ascertain the cause for certain types of injuries.

The practitioners want to learn how to mitigate the problems and better treat them to get an athlete back to optimal performance level.

Most Recurrent Sports Injuries

With heightening propensity, trauma to the knee is the top sports injury, holding a high of 36 percent overall, with ankle injuries following behind at a distant 19.9 percent.

The next three in the top five are shoulder, just under eight percent, lower leg, seven percent, and fingers, almost six percent.

The top diagnosis that the practitioners made was 32 percent having disorientation, 21 percent with torn ligaments and menisci, 10 percent with fractures, and eight percent with injured muscles and tendons.

Sports Injury Causes

Medical practitioners across the globe all agree on one thing that over-exertion of the muscles and limbs are the leading causes of sports injuries.

An overextended limb is about being stretched beyond average capacity. Also, when an athlete has reached their limit but continues through exhaustion, that is over-exertion.

Another common cause is playing after a long absence without the proper warmup over a period leading up to the event, which can cause severe injury.

Prevention of Major Sports Injuries

Occasionally, avoiding a common sports injury is beyond the player and physicians' control, but numerous times they are preventable. The preventable injuries are those caused by a lack of preconditioning.

Practitioners urge players to exercise frequently and enjoy both a great game/workout and overall good health.

If every exercise program or event begins with warm-up routines, the blood flow will improve along with flexibility, allowing the player to be less prone to specific injuries.

Modern Outlook on Sports Injuries

Sports have evolved over the years, and so have the types of injuries and their severity. That's the reason many modern doctors and scientists are conducting more in-depth sports injury analysis to ascertain further ways to prevent and treat sports injuries.

Deepak Chona, MD, an orthopedic surgery resident physician at Stanford University, has spent the last few years doing independent research out of a passion for NFL and NBA games but has already made some major headway into sports injury cause and prevention.

He's among several practitioners who aspire to make that necessary change and see players being able to prevent injury altogether or recuperating quickly after major injury.

Overall, it is not an easy feat, as not all sports injuries are preventable, but the researchers and analysts are hoping to reduce the problem significantly in the near future.

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