Post-Sports Injury Expectations

Five Common NFL Injuries And Their Standard Post-Sports Injury Expectations

As you're getting ready to choose your top picks for your fantasy draft for the upcoming NFL season, you maya be checking out sports medicine facts to help you understand which players are likely to be healthy after injuries they've sustained last season. Understanding sports injury analysis can be tough if you're not well-versed in post-sports injury expectations. At Sports Med Analytics, we're here to provide you with sports injury analytics information to help you understand who is most likely to be on the field and on the bench as the NFL gets fired up this fall. Check out five of the most common NFL injuries and the post-sports injury expectations that go along with them.

  • Knee - By far the most common injury in the NFL, knee injuries can be career changing for players. While some knee injuries are able to be rehabilitated, many players are never the same after a knee replacement or other surgery. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was a rare exception to this rule when he tore his ACL in 2014. A career ending injury for many players, Peterson was able to bounce back quickly. If you've got your eye on a player for your fantasy draft and they come down with a knee injury, it may be a good idea to sub another choice into their spot.

  • Ankle - While an ankle injury can certainly be career ending, these injuries are not as likely to be career ending as a knee injury. Ankle injuries can range from minor to severe. A player with an ankle injury can be back on the field before the end of the game, or the can be out for the rest of the season. A minor muscle pull can cause a player to be out for a game or two, but a serious high ankle strain can have a player out for the rest of the season.

  • Upper leg - Hamstring and quad injuries are fairly common in the NFL. These can occur during a game or in the weight room, no matter how careful a player may be. Hamstring and quad injuries are most likely to occur when a player isn't properly warmed up and attempts to push themselves during a game. A pulled hamstring or quad won't necessarily end a player's season, but this injury can have them out for a few games. A hamstring or quad pull or other injury can also affect the player's performance throughout the season. If one of your favorite players for your fantasy draft is dealing with an upper thigh injury, sports injury analytics experts would advise you to proceed with caution.

  • Shoulder - From dislocated shoulders to rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries are fairly common in the NFL. These injuries are usually easily rehabbed and aren't season or career ending. It's important to consider a player's position when understanding how a shoulder injury will affect their game play. Sports injury analysis experts agree that a shoulder injury isn't likely to have a major impact on a player's long-term career.

  • Head - Head injuries can be extremely serious in any sport. In recent years, attention has been drawn to how head injuries in the NFL have affected the mental and physical health of players long-term. It's very difficult for sports injury analytics professionals to tell how long it takes for a player to recover from a head injury. While health professionals pay special attention to concussions now, in the past, they were often brushed off. Many players wrestle with whether to continue playing after sustaining several concussions, as it's difficult to predict the effect pf repeated concussions on their mental health over time. While rules to game play have changed how many concussions occur in the NFL, head injuries are still a major issue when it comes to the health of NFL players.


Staying on top of sports medicine trends and sports injury analysis can be tough, even for people who do this work full time. If you're getting ready for your fantasy draft, or you're just a sports fan who wants to stay on top of which players are in and which players are out for the upcoming NFL season, you'll want to check out some top rated sports med analytics information. At Sports Med Analytics, we're here to provide you with the information you need to know on injuries players have sustained and post-sports injury expectations. Check out our website, or listen to our podcast, downloadable wherever you listen to podcasts.