5/16/21, 1:11 AM


Bottom Line: Full go for playoff availability and performance levels. Elevated re-injury risk that should decrease as the playoffs progress.

LeBron sustained a high ankle sprain on March 21, now 8 weeks ago. Typical return in NBA players averages 4 weeks; NFL and NHL players take 4-6.

We’re encouraged by the fact that LeBron has had a longer-than-average recovery time, and there’s no evidence in the NBA data to suggest that he should have a decreased level of play as a result of the recent injury.

Unfortunately, he will carry a significantly elevated re-injury risk this postseason, but that should get lower as the playoffs progress. As a result, our collective confidence in LeBron will likely be increasing over the next few weeks, and Lakers +230 to win the West seems like the deal to make.

Image Source: All-Pro Reels, CC-BY-SA-2.0