4/11/21, 7:53 PM


Bottom line: LeBron is going to be ready for the playoffs. Expect the typical King James level of performance.

Injury: High Ankle Sprain
Timeline: 3 weeks (3/21/21)

Don’t anybody worry about LeBron. He’s right on track to return well before the start of the playoffs from his high ankle sprain.

NFL players take 4 weeks and NHL 6 weeks to come back from high ankle sprains. Lebron is now at 3 weeks post-injury, and he so far has progressed very normally through his expected recovery.

We still have 6 weeks until the playoffs, so there’s minimal concern that he won’t be 100% when the real games tip off.

With Anthony Davis coming back in a reported 10-14 days, after plenty of rest for his calf injury, the Lakers should be expected to roll full steam ahead. The betting line for them to win the West is currently +150, which is the best value you’re going to see for a while. It was +125 prior to LeBron’s injury, and we’re expecting encouraging injury updates from them for the next few weeks. We’re going all in on The King and AD to run away with the West, and we’re placing that bet ASAP today.

Image Source: All-Pro Reels, CC-BY-SA-2.0