2/20/22, 7:36 PM


We’re hearing 4 weeks on the timeline for Anthony Davis, but don’t expect to see him in action that soon. They’ll have to examine him and see how the healing has progressed first. If everything is going great, he’ll need at least 1-2 weeks to progressively ramp back up his activity. With negative X-rays plus the injury video, we can infer that Davis has a grade 2 mid-foot sprain. Most of these in the NBA and NFL heal without surgery, but the average time missed is just over 5 weeks.

If the Lakers are in contention, Davis may decide to accelerate his timeline, but earlier return means higher risk of re-injury. By playoff time - if the Lakers make it - Davis should be back playing at a high level, but we wouldn’t bet on an MVP performance starting day 1 of his return. Really bad luck here, but our fingers are crossed for a smooth recovery for the big man.

Photo Credit: Jevone Moore, Icon Sportswire