4/12/21, 2:04 AM


​Padres superstar Fernando Tatis tore the labrum in his shoulder and is now on the 10-day IL.

Reports say he’s avoiding surgery. But the truth is more accurately that he’s avoiding surgery… for now.

His ideal outcome is a period of rest to cool down the shoulder (2-4 weeks), followed by progressively increased activity and return to play over the following 1-2 weeks. There’s a solid chance such a treatment plan is successful.

But in case it doesn’t work, and he continues to have pain that limits his function, that would most likely mean going in for surgery. The expected outcome of surgery (labral repair) for Tatis would be pretty good, but would also probably mean missing the rest of the 2021 season.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to say medically which route Tatis will need to head down. His tear size and symptom severity may give some insight, but making a firm decision on it right now is probably impossible even for Tatis and his medical team. They’ll more likely be waiting and seeing how his body responds.

Look for an update in ~2 weeks to provide some useful insight.

Image Source: Marshall Dunlap, CC-BY-2.0