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Bottom Line:
Expect production levels similar to Hill’s healthy portion of 2019 - Weeks 6-10, 16-17, and postseason - when Hill averaged 87 yards and 0.7 TDs per game. He missed 4 games for an SC joint (shoulder/chest) injury in 2019, but the 2012 example of Danny Amendola reassures us that problems are not likely to persist. Overall low concern.

Major Injuries:
2019 - SC joint dislocation (shoulder/chest) - (Week 1, missed 4 games); hamstring strain - (week 11, no games missed)
2018 - foot injury (no games missed)

Games Played:
2019 - 12/16
2018 - 16/16
2017 - 15/16
2016 - 16/16

NFL data demonstrates that speed-position players like Hill are amongst the most prone to hamstring issues. Even though he returned in Week 13 without missing games, it is hard to know if his short-term performance was impacted by the injury. Therefore, we’d recommend using Weeks 6-10, 16-17, and postseason (pre-injury and post-recovery) to set expectations going into 2020. For reference, Hill averaged 87 yards and 0.7 TDs per game during this stretch.

There aren’t many examples of SC joint dislocations to compare Hill’s major 2019 injury to. However, we can gain some insight from Danny Amendola - WR for the Rams at the time - who sustained a similar injury in 2012. Amendola has been seemingly unaffected by this injury once he recovered, so we don’t have evidence to suggest that Hill’s case will be less successful. Hill also dealt with a minor hamstring strain in 2019 that didn’t cost him any games, so we’re not expecting this to present problems going forward either. Overall, low level of concern.

Image Source: Conman33, CC-BY-3.0