5/3/20, 3:36 AM







Limited information on his recent shoulder surgery has been made public. He stated at the NFL Combine that it was a shoulder arthroscopy (surgery using a magnified camera through small incisions) to address an issue with his AC joint. However, it is unclear what other injured structures were treated during the surgery, and data indicates that some - such as a SLAP tear, a type of labrum injury seen most commonly in offensive linemen - can lead to a decrease in game participation (number played and started) in prospective NFL players. In either case, he is expected to be ready by the start of training camp. Data in NFL players demonstrates that his 2019 hip surgery - most likely a hip arthroscopy (similar type of surgery with a camera through small incisions) - does not lead to a decrease in career productivity or longevity, but results from 2 studies do suggest that impact may be greater in linemen compared to other positions. Overall, the combination of the two surgeries plus the unknown factors around Biadasz’s shoulder injury make his outlook difficult to predict with certainty, but give us a fair amount of concern.

Image Source: Nicole Cordeiro, CC-BY-2.0