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Bottom Line:
Kelce should be picking up right where he left off as a sure-fire TE1. His injury history gives us concern that his knee may become more bothersome over the course of the next couple of years, but it’s impossible to know exactly when that would occur. We’ll draft him comfortably in re-draft leagues but avoid in dynasty.

Games Played:
2020 - 15/16
2019 - 16/16
2018 - 16/16
2017 - 15/16
2016 - 16/16
2015 - 16/16
2014 - 16/16
2013 - 1/16

Major Injuries:

2020: Knee bone bruise
2018: Concussion #2
2017: Concussion #1; “cleanup” type shoulder surgery (likely shoulder scope)
2013: Cartilage injury to kneecap, underwent microfacture surgery


No reason to suspect any change from his trajectory. Full speed ahead for Kelce in the short-term.


Kelce had cartilage surgery (microfracture) on his kneecap in 2013, and reportedly had some knee soreness in 2020. Can’t say for sure that the two are related, but it’s enough to give us pause when considering him in the long-term. Microfracture surgery is not a durable solution for most athletes, and our concern is that the affected area has started to wear down and may cause symptoms over the next few years. Nobody can predict exactly when that would occur without examining Kelce and his MRI, but it could be any time. Combining this with his concussion risk, we’re still fine taking him in re-draft leagues, but probably not looking to hold onto him in dynasty and keeper formats.

Image Source: Jeffrey Beall, CC-BY-3.0