2/18/22, 5:23 AM







Dear owners who drafted Saquon high last year,

I’m truly sorry for your loss. His production was nothing like you expected, and your investment probably costed you your fantasy season. If you’re not too scorned to consider re-drafting him, I’d propose you do just that. Here’s why:

(1) The injury. Saquon came directly off of the ACL tear this year, and he followed the trend that most RBs have shown us. Production dips in the first year back, but generally returns to baseline in the year after that. Athletically, he showed it to us in spurts, but couldn’t maintain that level consistently throughout the season. Part of that is probably related to his body re-acclimating to the demands of the NFL.

(2) The other part is his team. Daniel Jones did not inspire confidence, and the O-line was subpar at best. But now the Giants have 2 top-10 picks, and that line could get a HUGE boost (or 2) this offseason. Multiple franchises - like the Colts and Chargers - have shown us how drastically different an offensive line can look from one year to the next. All the Giants have to do is stand pat, pick 2 studs, and unleash the athletic freak that is Saquon Barkley.

Will they do it? TBD. But we suspect there will be big-time sleeper value here. 2022 Risk Score: 3/5.