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Shenault has been dealing with pain and inflammation in his pelvic bone, and 6 weeks ago had surgery for a core muscle injury. The surgical details aren’t public, but he should be ready to play when team activities start. Data from core muscle surgery to treat sports hernias in NFL players tell us that players return to their prior level of productivity with fewer average games played per year and slightly shorter career lengths. He has also undergone surgery in 2019 to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder. Studies suggest that the effect on career longevity and durability may be dependent on injury details (precise location and extent of tear) that are not public in this case, but evidence from a 2018 study of 132 NFL combine participants with a history of labral repairs indicates that game participation (number of games played and started) is not significantly impacted by the injury. While we don’t have data to guide expectations following his turf toe injury (that was treated with surgery in 2019), having had it repaired with plenty of time to heal and no further symptoms by now leads us to have only mild level of concern regarding the recurrence risk. Overall low-moderate level of concern.

Image Source: Doctorindy, CC-BY-SA-4.0 International