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Beast when he’s out there, but he missed 5 games in ’21 for injury. Before you put your ’22 fantasy team in his hands, consider this:

(1) The position. QB is super deep for leagues that only start 1. Lamar is ranked 6th by @FantasyPros, which feels about right. But Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, and Russell Wilson are all ranked below him.

(2) The injury risk. Lamar battled a bone bruise in his ankle at the end of last season, but that’s not expected to be a sign of things to come. His playing style as a runner definitely does make him a higher risk QB than his more pocket-based counterparts. But Lamar is so agile that he’s actually been pretty successful at avoiding contact so far. In the 3 years prior to ’21, he missed a total of 2 games. Pretty mild injury risk here.

(3) The ceiling. Lamar when he’s on is basically like having a whole extra RB in your lineup. 1000-1200 yards and 7 TDs were his ’19 and ’20 totals. Even Kyler Murray and Josh Allen have never come close to that.

Overall, we’d love to land Lamar. But Tier 1 for us has 9 comparable QBs - Josh Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, Kyler, Lamar, Burrow, Rodgers, Stafford, and Russ. For 1-QB leagues, we’re taking whichever one of these guys is available latest in drafts.

For 2-QB or super-flex leagues, Lamar is at the very top of our wish list. QB is the most reliable position from both injury and productivity perspectives, so we invest heavily in it. There’s also nobody else in Round 7 (Lamar’s current ADP) that can single-handedly win you a league like Lamar can. Give me maximal shares of him, please.

Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels, CC-BY-SA-2.0