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Fulton underwent finger surgery in 2016 and surgery for a Lisfranc injury in his foot late in 2018. The finger issue is expected to have resolved, but the effects of the Lisfranc injury and surgery are less certain. 1 study of 26 NFL Combine participants with a history of Lisfranc surgery demonstrated fewer average number of games played in the first 2 years of their NFL careers compared to their peers (16.9 games amongst the surgically treated group vs 23.3 games in the uninjured group). Results from players already in the NFL further support decreased game participation up to 3 years after injury, but another study found no difference in the total career length associated with a history of Lisfranc surgery. Performance outcomes are mixed, with one publication noting a decrease in production of ~20% and another finding no significant difference. Thus, we have fairly solid evidence to suspect durability concerns, but not necessarily a decrease in quality of play or career length. Overall, our concern level is still significant.

Image Source: Tammy Anthony Baker, Photographer, CC-BY-SA-4.0 International