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The details of Chaisson’s 2019 ankle injury have not been made public. The 2 games he missed as a result lead us to infer that it was likely a moderate severity sprain, and not necessarily something from which he expect a high rate of recurrence. However, his durability still comes with question marks, with his 2018 ACL injury of particular relevance. A recent study of 110 NFL Combine participants with a history of prior ACL surgery found that these players averaged ~3 fewer games started and ~3 fewer games played in each of their first 2 seasons in the NFL compared to their peers. Additionally, they participated in ~25% fewer plays. Multiple studies in NFL players have associated ACL injury history with decreased career lengths, though mixed results have been reported regarding the effect on player productivity. The ultimate impact of the injury is affected by the degree of damage to other structures in the knee (meniscus and cartilage, which serve protective roles in the joint) that can be hurt at the time of the ACL tear. While these injury specifics are not public knowledge, we already have a fair amount of concern for his long-term durability.

Image Source: Tammy Anthony Baker, CC-BY-2.0