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Bottom Line:
Despite spraining his AC joint today, Jefferson shouldn’t be out for long. NFL data shows 1-2 weeks missed with a return to peak levels expected. There IS a real re-injury risk here for the first ~1/4 of the season, but he should have just enough time to get a jump on the healing prior to Week 1. Still drafting him with low overall concern.


Jefferson sprained the AC joint of his shoulder in practice today. Testing so far has been relatively reassuring, which is great news for Jefferson and the Vikings because it indicates a low severity injury.

AC joint sprains come in different forms, and treatment for them in the NFL varies from nonoperative rehab to surgical repair.

Luckily, with the type Jefferson most likely has, data shows an average of 1-2 weeks of missed time with a full return to peak productivity. As a result we have minimal concerns about Jefferson not being ready to go by Week 1.

However, there IS a real risk of re-injury here. If Jefferson takes a hard fall onto that shoulder again before it has healed (~4-6 weeks), he could DEFINITELY worsen the injury.

Look for the Vikings to ease him back into practices, especially for full-contact drills. As long as he’s careful, we’d expect him back at peak performance for Week 1, but with a moderate re-injury risk to start the season. That risk level decreases if the first month of the season goes on without further injury, and his shoulder gets more time to heal.

Image Source: Nick Wosika, Icon Sportswire