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Bottom Line:
Expect Jones to enter 2020 at full-strength, having had plenty of time to recover from a shoulder injury that he played through late in 2019. He has undergone 2 surgeries to treat a likely stress fracture in his foot, but has been unaffected by this injury for the last 7 years. Overall, data gives us only mildly elevated level of injury concern.

Major Injuries:
2019: Shoulder injury (Week 12; 1 game missed)
2017: Foot surgery for bunion correction (Mar; no games missed); Hip flexor strain (no games missed)
2016: Toe sprain, mid foot sprain (2 games missed)
2014: Hip pointer (1 game missed)
2013: Re-broke bone in left foot (11 games missed)
2011: Hamstring strain (3 game missed); broken bone in left foot (likely stress fracture), treated with surgery after NFL Combine

Games Played:
2019 - 15/16
2018 - 16/16
2017 - 16/16
2016 - 14/16
2015 - 15/16
2014 - 15/16
2013 - 5/16
2012 - 16/16
2011 - 13/16

Jones played the end of last season with a shoulder injury, but it didn’t significantly impact his production. He should be healthy going into the season, so we expect him to perform at or near peak levels.

Jones had 2 surgeries (one in 2011, one in 2013) to address a likely stress fracture in his foot. There are a few different possibilities as to which bone was involved, and there is some evidence to suggest that his anatomy makes him more likely to experience this type of injury. Data from NFL and NBA players with these fractures suggests cause for durability concerns, but the fact that he has not had a recurrence of the same issue since 2013 lowers our concern level. (His 2017 foot surgery was reportedly for a separate issue.) Overall, he presents only mildly elevated short and long-term risk.

Image Source: Georgia National Guard, CC-BY-2.0