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Bottom Line:

Expect major improvements from 2020. He should be fully healed and back to his prior Pro Bowl level. No specific reasons for concern about his durability. We will pick him with confidence.

Major Injuries:
2020: Hamstring strain, re-aggravated multiply (7 games missed)
2019: Shoulder injury (Week 12; 1 game missed)
2017: Foot surgery for bunion correction (Mar; no games missed); Hip flexor strain (no games missed)
2016: Toe sprain, mid foot sprain (2 games missed)
2014: Hip pointer (1 game missed)
2013: Re-broke bone in left foot (11 games missed)
2011: Hamstring strain (3 game missed); broken bone in left foot (likely stress fracture), treated with surgery after NFL Combine

Games Played:
2020 - 9/16
2019 - 15/16
2018 - 16/16
2017 - 16/16
2016 - 14/16
2015 - 15/16
2014 - 15/16
2013 - 5/16
2012 - 16/16
2011 - 13/16


Julio’s 2020 season was plagued by a hamstring strain that he re-aggravated multiple times before sitting out the last 4 games. The injury at this point has had plenty of time to heal, and it should do so with no residual effect. Expect Julio to bounce right back to his prior level of play (1300+ yards for 6 straight years).


There’s no data to say that his hamstring should nag him again, and the fact that it hasn’t been a problem in recent years gives us confidence. While his remaining injury history list is long, nothing about it suggests an incoming decline in durability. Only mildly elevated short and long-term risk due to age and playing style.

Image Source: Georgia National Guard, CC-BY-2.0