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Bottom Line:
Expect Mixon to perform at levels similar to Weeks 5-17 - after recovery from an ankle sprain that he played through - when he averaged 102 total yards and 0.6 touchdowns per game. His history of concussion and minor knee surgery marginally elevate his risk, but not significantly compared to his position. Still, it’s worth noting that 1/2 of even the most durable high-volume RBs miss games in a season, so it would be advisable to have some backup options available.

Major Injuries:
2019 - Ankle sprain (Week 1; no games missed); Calf strain (Week 16; no games missed)
2018 - Right knee surgery to remove loose tissue (2 games missed)
2017 - Concussion (2 games missed)

Games Played:
2019 - 16/16
2018 - 14/16
2017 - 14/16

Mixon sustained an ankle sprain in Week 1 but played through the injury. While it is hard to know for sure how much it affected him, we would recommend excluding his Weeks 1-4 stats when making projections for next year. In the remaining 12 games, he averaged 102 total yards and 0.6 touchdowns per game.

Mixon’s injury history is not overly concerning. Having one concussion does make him more likely to sustain another, but this hasn’t recurred over the last 2 seasons so we don’t consider his risk to be highly elevated from this. Reports of surgery to remove a piece of loose tissue from the knee in 2018 implies a injury to meniscus or cartilage, but if reports of the piece being very small are accurate, his risk would be only marginally elevated. Overall, relatively low concern compared to other RBs, but keep in mind that even the most durable high-volume RBs miss 1.9 games/year.

Image Source: Erik Drost, CC-BY-2.0