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Okudah had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in 2018. Data suggests that the effect on career longevity and durability may be dependent on injury details (precise location and extent of tear) that are not public in this case, but evidence from a 2018 study of 132 NFL combine participants with a history of labral repairs indicates that game participation (number of games played and started) is not significantly impacted by the injury. Okudah also sustained a minor head injury that caused him to miss part of a game in Dec 2019, but he returned in the same game, indicating that it was not a concussion and is unlikely to affect his long-term outlook. Additionally, Okudah took a hard fall and hit his head and neck area on the turf during his recent combine workout. However, he avoided a concussion, and video and reports appear most consistent with a neck sprain. This is also unlikely to cause issues by the time NFL team activities begin. Overall, concern level is relatively low.

Image Source: Maize & Blue Nation, CC-BY-2.0