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Bottom Line:
Henry played through a hamstring strain at the end of last year that should be fully healed entering 2020, and data indicates that 74% of RBs with this history don’t miss any games from recurrence. However, RBs average nearly 2 missed games the year following a 300-carry season. Still, Henry’s risk compared to other RBs is low.

Major Injuries:
2019 - hamstring strain (Week 15; 1 game missed)
2016 - Calf strain (1 game missed)
2013 - ankle fracture, treated with surgery (no games missed)

Games Played:
2019 - 15/16
2018 - 16/16
2017 - 15/16
2016 - 15/16

Henry spent over a month on the injury report last season with a series of muscle strains, but only missed 1 game as a result. Expect him to be fully healed long before the start of team activities, with a return to peak performance anticipated.

Henry has dealt with calf and hamstring strains multiple times now, but studies from NFL prospects found that 74% of RBs entering the league with a similar history didn’t miss any NFL games from recurrence. Notably, he did lead the league in carries in 2019 with 303, but data from NFL RBs demonstrates that players coming off of a high-volume year actually missed FEWER games the next year than their low-volume counterparts. 49% of them still missed at least 1 game, demonstrating the demanding nature of playing RB in the NFL. Compared to other RBs, overall low concern levels.

Image Source: Tennessee Titans, CC-BY-3.0 Unported