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Bottom Line:
Expect the full-strength superstar form that we saw through most of last year for Cook. Even durable RBs miss an average of 2 games per season coming off of a 300-carry year, but there are no other short-term concerns here.

Games Played:
2020 - 14/16
2019 - 14/16
2018 - 11/16
2017 - 4/16

Major Injuries:

2020: Groin strain
2019: Sternoclavicular joint (chest) - Week 11, re-aggravated Week 13; Right shoulder - Week 15
2018: Hamstring strain
2017: ACL tear, underwent surgery
2016: Right shoulder (likely labrum), underwent surgery
Pre-college: Left shoulder surgery (likely labrum)


Cook should be fully healthy going into the upcoming season. No reason to expect any changes in his productivity.


Cook has an extensive injury history, but the last 2 seasons has only missed 2 games per year. He’s entering 2021 fully healthy, and data tells us to expect him to play ~14 games again this year. Long-term, his ACL surgery 4 years ago makes him prone to a shorter career than his peers, but there’s no strong reason to suspect that this year will be affected by it. As he ages, keep an eye out for reports about his knee. For 2021, draft him with as good a chance as anyone to have a healthy RB1 season.

Image Source: Keith Allison, CC-BY-SA-2.0