2/27/22, 6:19 PM







Always productive but always in and out of lineups. Cook missed 4 games in ’21 and 2 in each of the 2 prior seasons. Is that worth your first round pick? Here’s why it is:

(1) Cook’s 2021 injuries aren’t the type to linger. He sprained and then re-aggravated his ankle, but that is very common and relatively minor.

The major issue came in Week 12 when he dislocated his shoulder. For a contact athlete, that’s a hard injury to treat without surgery. We’d guess that he’s already had it fixed up quietly this offseason, which would mean his return to full strength is likely happening very soon. Our database tells us that upper extremity injuries for RBs don’t generally lead to decline in performance or ongoing durability issues once they’re surgically treated, so we feel relatively good about Cook’s health entering ’22.

(2) We say “relatively good” because what really counts here is performance compared to his competition at the position. Even the high-volume, high-durability RBs average 2 missed games per year. RB is the most injury-prone skill position, and Cook missing time actually puts him right in line with the typical RB pool.

Dalvin is being ranked as #3 overall by @FantasyPros right now, behind only Jonathan Taylor and Derrick Henry. Unlike those two, Cook is a proven 3-down back with huge upside in the passing game. We love his talent and role, and we think his durability concerns are generally overstated. We’d pick Cook with confidence if we’re lucky enough to have the chance.

Photo Credit: Nick Wosika, Icon Sportswire