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Bottom Line:

Expect a big year from Dak. Bouncing back from the ankle surgery shouldn’t be an issue, and the recent lat muscle strain is on track to heal fully before Week 1. Re-injury risk is barely higher than any other quarterback. Start Dak (and his Cowboys teammates) with confidence in your fantasy football lineups.

How worried are we about Dak’s shoulder? Close to zero. He’s been in the news for having a lat muscle strain, and has been mostly sidelined from throwing since.

But fantasy football and Cowboys fans can breathe a sigh of relief - Prescott should be just fine by Week 1. Muscle strains of low-intermediate severity tend to heal well. There may be a slight re-injury risk. But Prescott is already back to light throwing (1 month before Week 1), so that risk should be extremely low.

But what about his ankle? The injury last year looked brutal, and he had surgery within 24 hours of the hit.

This far out, the ankle should be fully healed, and Dak should be pretty close to full strength in that leg compared to where he was pre-injury. He’s a mobile quarterback, but not so much of a dedicated runner, so don’t expect the Cowboys offense to have make many adjustments.

Prescott is in for a strong year, and fantasy football players armed with the analytics should capitalize if their league-mates are feeling worried. Don’t downgrade Dak, or any of the Cowboys weapons - Cooper, Lamb, Gallup, or Zeke - just based on the injury.

Image Source: Keith Allison, CC-BY-SA-2.0