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Bottom line: Expect him to be at full strength for team activities. He had surgery for a groin and core muscle issue (most likely a sports hernia), and is expected to return to pre-injury form. Data after sports hernia repair suggests decreased career length and number of games played per year, but Mosley has rarely missed games due to injury prior to this year.

Injury: Core muscle injury (likely sports hernia)
Date of Injury: 9/8/19
Date of Surgery: ~12/15/19

Analysis in Detail:

Return to Play
Details of Mosley’s injury haven’t been released, but the description of a core muscle/groin injury that he attempted to play through is most consistent with a sports hernia. Return rates in NFL players undergoing sports hernia repair are over 90%, with time to return averaging 2-4 months. Mosley is expected to return for the start of team activities.

Expect return to pre-injury level of performance based on outcomes from two studies on sports hernia surgery in NFL players.

Career length tends to be shorter in NFL players who undergo sports hernia repair and there may be a negative association with average number of games played each year. Prior to this injury, Mosley has not missed much time, so our overall concern level is relatively low.

Image Source: Aaron Steele, CC BY-NC-ND 4.0