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Reports are somewhat unclear regarding the injury history here. He had surgery for a tear in his meniscus (shock-absorber in the knee) while in high school, and his extended timeline for recovery suggests that the tear was repaired, rather than surgically removed. In November 2019, he had another meniscus tear - reportedly on the other knee - and his rapid return to play allows us to confidently infer that the torn tissue was removed. By itself, this history is not known to negatively impact performance in prospective NFL players. However, in NFL combine participants who had previously undergone a similar procedure, they averaged shorter careers (5.6 vs 7.0 years) and fewer games played (62 vs 85 games). For wide receivers, they averaged ~4 fewer games in each of their first two NFL seasons and 56% of the number of plays when compared to their uninjured peers drafted at similar positions. Furthermore, NFL player data indicates that he is more likely to sustain additional damage (to the cartilage protecting the bones) in the knee down the road. If this occurs, studies tell us that we would expect a decline in productivity as well. In February of this year, Edwards broke the 5th toe in his foot. He should be fully recovered well before team activities. However, the ultimate impact of the injury is unknown without details on which part of the bone was broken and how it occurred, as some variants may be associated with durability issues in NFL players. Overall, we expect him to be fine in the short-term, but have a relatively high level of concern for his long-term outlook.

Image Source: Pete Sheffield, CC-BY-SA-2.0