2/6/22, 7:59 PM





Antonio Brown. What an eventful week.

Lots to say so let’s dive right in.

Regarding his ankle, was the injury serious?

His statement yesterday tells us that answer is yes, very serious in fact.

He has a torn ligament, loose bone in the ankle, and cartilage damage.

So with that long list, was it even appropriate to ask him to play?

NFL players of course play through a lot.

In this case, Brown was going to need surgery eventually.

The question was really about timing.

Pain level here was undoubtedly not small.

But if he could play through it in a way that keeps him effective, allows him to protect himself from 300 pound defenders, and he’s not going to make things drastically worse, then yes he could play.

Most likely, he was going to attempt this, and have the ankle treated with surgery in the offseason.

But after trying, Brown said it was too painful, and if a player doesn’t feel physically able, there’s plenty of medical data to say that he’s at risk by being out there.

We know this ankle had been injured for a while this year.

Temporarily treating the pain with injections to make it through a couple of games and a playoff run is not an unreasonable strategy as long as Brown was informed and on board.

It sounds like he was willing to try, so very reasonable to have him out there to start the game.

But once he says it’s too painful to make football moves, that’s where the line is drawn.

What was actually said on the sidelines is under dispute and we may never know.

But Brown is still a star player.

His stats in his 6 games this year were strong, and he was a top 12 fantasy wide receiver in 4 of those weeks.

And so now will he be back?

From the injury side, I would very much expect that answer to be yes.

He’s going to have ankle surgery, but should be at full speed in the 3-6 month range depending on what exactly they find at the time of surgery.

Even on the longer end of that spectrum, he’s back in time for training camp and Week 1.

The cartilage damage to the ankle puts it at risk of flaring up again during a season, but his level of play by Week 1 and really as long as he stays healthy, should be very similar to what we saw this year.

Fantasy owners in dynasty and keeper leagues should plan to hold onto him.

Re-draft players should put him on their target lists as a late-round value pick who could very realistically be a top 10 wide receiver at the end of next year.

Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels, CC-BY-SA-2.0