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Bottom line: Expect to be ready at or shortly after start of season. Data suggests decline in performance and games played over the next few years, and durability concerns are extremely high.

Major Injuries:
2012: Finger fracture, treated non-operatively; Meniscus tear, underwent surgery Nov. 2012
2014: Hamstring strain
2015: Calf strain; Hamstring tear
2017: Rotator cuff tear, underwent surgery Feb. 2018
2019: Lisfranc injury (foot) - Dec. 9, 2019; underwent surgery Dec. 15, 2019; calf and ankle injuries earlier in season

Games Played:
2012 - 10/16
2013 - 16/16
2014 - 16/16
2015 - 9/16
2016 - 12/16
2017 - 16/16
2018 - 13/16
2019 - 10/16

Return to Play:
Return rate after Lisfranc injury in NFL players is 83-93%. Average time to return is 10-11 months, with 2-3 months standard deviation. It is possible for Jeffery to return to the field by the start of the season, as his reported timeline for recovery - 9 months - would place his return in mid-September, around the date of Week 1. However, data from other NFL players suggests that he is more likely to return 1-2 months into the season.

Performance decline of average 21% was seen in one study of NFL players following Lisfranc surgery, but another didn’t see the same trend. Overall, there is moderate evidence to suggest a decline in Jeffery’s performance.

Jeffery has sustained multiple significant injuries over the course of his career, but the most impactful are likely to be his 2012 meniscus tear (knee), 2017-18 rotator cuff tear (shoulder), and 2019 Lisfranc injury (foot). Based on his relatively rapid return to play in 2012 (he missed only 3 weeks), his meniscus (shock-absorber in the knee) tear was likely surgically removed rather than repaired. Studies have demonstrated decline in number of games played and career lengths as a result of this injury and treatment. Additionally, requiring shoulder surgery for rotator cuff repair is similarly associated with decreased number of games played and career length for NFL players. Finally, his most recent issue - the Lisfranc injury in his foot - results in NFL players missing more games in the first 2-3 seasons following the injury. Consequently, Jeffery’s durability concern level is extremely high, with multiple reasons to suspect that he will experience decreased career length and game participation compared to other NFL players of similar age.

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